Math Birds First Adventure.

Math has never been more fun!

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Math for K1 Students!

Learn while having fun with Kenny the little Phoenix Bird!

At Steam To Teach we care about the future of education, which is why we have taken the challenge to reinvent how we teach math to k12 students.

After years of research we found that it is in the first school years where we have the best opportunity to make children become interested in math. The problem though is that most math teaching methods do not motivate students resulting in the lack of interest.

In Math Birds First Adventure, children will take the role of Kenny, a small phoenix bird who is on a quest to rescue his brothers. To do so, children will have to complete several mathematical challenges where they will learn:

- Identify Numbers

- Counting Basics

- Counting Backwards

- Counting in Sequences

- Basic Addition

- Basic Subtraction

- Identify Shapes

- Identify numbers in sequences