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The Steam To Teach Virtual Labs have been developed by PNX Labs GmbH . The company has developed the applications Steam To Teach with the same technology developed for industrial and business applications. This guarantees that the Steam To Teach virtual labs are the most complete on the market at an affordable price for schools and educational institutions.

Each virtual lab includes comprehensive lab activities for science education in grades 7-12. The virtual labs allow students to modify variables and parameters of experiments to explore and discover scientific phenomena. To ensure that the virtual labs are intuitive and easy to use, we have a team of education experts who are constantly improving the virtual labs. Every quarter we add new content, topics and activities at no cost for our clients.


Our STEM Virtual Labs

Physics Virtual Lab Physics Virtual Lab


Experience the forces of nature and the phenomena that surround us in an innovative way

Chemistry Virtual Lab Chemistry Virtual Lab


Complete chemistry experiments with effects and designs that replicate real experiments

Biology Virtual Lab Biology Virtual Lab


Explore the cell, the human body, and more with biology solutions

Anatomy Virtual Lab Anatomy Virtual Lab


The human body, organs, bones. Everything you need for an introduction to anatomy.

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