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Reinventing STEAM Education

Premuim STEAM Education Apps for K12.

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K12 Education

Math - Chemistry - Physics - Biology

Science has never been more fun. Boost your children's interest in science with our premium STEAM apps.

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Developed by Education & Engineering Experts

We teach what we know best, SCIENCE.

Our apps and learning solutions have been developed by a team of science, engineering & psychology experts.

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Kids learn while having Fun!

Learn math, chemistry, physics & biology with AAA Games!

Perfect For Homeschooling

Our games can help you succedd at homeschooling by having tons of fun with your children.

Free education resources

We provide free education resources and tips for each game we publish in order to complement your education needs.

About Us

We're an education technology company specialized in the development of STEAM learning applications for k12. Our aplications employ the latest technology such as Virtual & Augmented Reality headsets & mobile devices.

Our team of Scientists and Education experts have been working throught the past 4 years developing applications to improve STEAM education.

When developing our education apps we make sure that:

  • They promote the development of "quick" mathematical reasoning.
  • Promotes competiveness & critical thinking.
  • Promotes leadership and team-work.
  • Inspires curiosity & creativity.
  • Inspire students to become scientists and engineers.

Our apps never go live without a robust testing phase conducted with students with prestigious education & science professionals.

Basketball With Elements

Learn chemical formulas while playing Basketball in Virtual Reality!

Our Education Games

Our education games come packed with premium content and go through a robust testing phase with education and science experts, they teach science like no other!

Math Birds - First Adventure Ages 4-5

Fun Math game with tons of content.

In Math Birds, kids take control of Kenny, a small bird who is on a quest to find his 3 brothers. In order to find his brothers, players will have to complete 10 mathematical challenges that range from finding numbers in sequences, to simple mathematical operations.

Math Dragons - First Adventure Ages 6-7

What can be more fun than Math with Dragons?

In Math Dragons, students take the role of Rudy, a small dragon in a quest to save the world. Players will have to complete several mathematical challenges in order to move from one level to another. Some problems will require the students to work in teams to solve complex problems, promoting teamwork in science.

Zoo Genius -Physics I Ages 10-12

Learn the basics of Physics with our Zoo friends .

In Zoo Genius Physics I students will learn about the basics of physics. In this game, students will take the role of several animals on a journey to get back home after getting in the jungle. Students will have to work in teams in order to solve some of the physics problems.

The VR Alchemist - Elements I Ages 10-12

Fun Virtual Reality Games to learn Chemistry.

The VR Alchemist is game designed for the Oculus Rift. Students will learn about the basics of chemistry by playing different games in Virtual Reality. Some of the games are multiplayer so students can interact with each other.

STEAM + Social skills for Success

Our Learning apps not just help students succeed in science but helps them develop social skills. Therefore we work with parents and educators to make sure they get the most out of our solutions in both the classroom and at home.



Our apps promote teamwork by creating content where students must work with their classmates in order to solve puzzles and science problems. Unlike other apps we make sure that the content provides a real mathematical challenge to students so they can develop problem solving skills working with other children.

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K-12 students love competitions, therefore we make sure our apps promote a safe competition enviroment. The best students are rewarded and those that once felt they can't succeed in SCIENCE realize they can be as good as they can imagine.

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Great leaders are trained in childhood. Our apps promote the interaction between students and promote the development of leadership skills by including content where students must make decisions and take responsibility of their own doing.

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