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Physics Virtual Lab Physics Virtual Lab


Experience the forces of nature and the phenomena that surround us in an innovative way

Chemistry Virtual Lab Chemistry Virtual Lab


Complete chemistry experiments with effects and designs that replicate real experiments

Biology Virtual Lab Biology Virtual Lab


Explore the cell, the human body, and more with biology solutions

Anatomy Virtual Lab Anatomy Virtual Lab


The human body, organs, bones. Everything you need for an introduction to anatomy.

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Improve K12 Education with
Steam To Teach

Virtual labs increase the quality of teaching according to studies carried out in Denmark

Steam To Teach virtual labs allow students to learn about science in an interactive way and at a low cost. In recent years it has been shown that virtual laboratory practices increase the quality of teaching and help the student to retain the information generated in the experiments. The effect of gamification on teaching has been shown on multiple occasions in international journals and it is without a doubt the future of education.

Virtual labs allow the student to experiment again and again without running any risks, in addition they allow to explore different effects and reactions that cannot be done in a conventional laboratory due to a high cost or risk in the operation.

Artículo 1. Virtual Simulations as Preparation for Lab Exercises
Artículo 2. Improving biotech education through gamified laboratory simulations


How they Work
Easy to use for students and teachers

The Steam To Teach Virtual Labs have been developed with the ease of use for both teachers and students. Virtual labs contain instructions, guides, and options that students and teachers can adjust for their comfort.

Our company is always looking to improve the content of our virtual labs so if an institution requests to add content to our applications, and if we visualize that this content adds value to the product, we proceed to include it at no cost for our customers.

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